Welcome to Greeley


One of Greeley School’s greatest assets is that it is a neighborhood school where everyone gets to know one another and becomes part of a larger whole. The school has a long history of creating and fostering community spirit, and the time that you will spend here is nurturing for both parents and children. This booklet was created with the input of teachers, administrators, and parents in the hope that it will help to explain and to remind us all of the wonderful traditions and practices at Greeley School.


We hope that it helps enhance your family’s experience at Greeley School.

A History of Samuel Sewall Greeley School


The founding of Greeley School was the result, not only of the successful development of southeast Winnetka, but also the decision of the School Board that the younger children of the community would be better served in a neighborhood school setting as opposed to a centralized school, a philosophy that continues to be viable today. In 1911 the Winnetka School Board determined that the Horace Mann School could no longer accommodate the growing population of the Village and that its location, in the area of the current post office, was geographically undesirable for the younger children to the east as there was great concern regarding their safety in crossing the railroad tracks. The Board had acquired property on Fairview between Hawthorn and Elder Lane around 1908 and in 1911 proposed to the Village that a school be built at the site. The architectural firm of Otis and Clark designed an eight-classroom, two-story brick building with the entrance facing the intersection of Hawthorn and Fairview. The school originally housed children from kindergarten to fifth grade, with the older children attending Horace Mann School. The cost to the District was $45,000.


The design, a corridor with rooms along one side, was considered to be an unusual arrangement and one that assured the best possible ventilation, a feature of utmost importance due to the health concerns of the time. Windows across one side of the room would avoid cross light and prevent eyestrain. The school was configured in such a way that future additions could easily take place and original space, such as the assembly hall on the first floor, could be adapted into classroom space if necessary.


The school was named for a greatly esteemed Winnetka citizen, Samuel S. Greeley, who had encouraged the community to build the school. At the school's dedication in 1913 local Boy Scouts accompanied Mr. Greeley as he rode from his home to the school in a carriage covered with flowers. In his remarks at the dedication Mr. Greeley emphasized the importance of a good teacher who could reach out to her scholars, "heart to heart, mind to mind." He stated, as recorded in The Messenger of the Congregational Church, "Good teachers come high, but, believe me, no other stock on the list will pay such dividends."


The foresight of the architects of Greeley School was soon realized in an addition to the building in 1921. Otis and Clark designed a second wing for the building comprising an assembly room and a new heating plant, as well as provisions for another extension. In 1954 new kindergarten and primary classrooms were added as well as overall modernization of the older areas of the building. The population growth of the mid-1960s necessitated the use of three temporary classrooms in the parking lot. An addition was completed in 1968, the highlight of which was the resource center. In 2009, a major renovation was completed at the school providing four new classrooms, several new offices, improved handicapped accessibility, a new library resource center and a large multi-purpose room.  The courtyard, Willoughby Woods, was enclosed and landscaped.  With this renovation, the main entrance was returned to its original location at the corner of Fairview and Hawthorn.


Today, Greeley School is the oldest operating public school in Winnetka. Its growth and physical changes through the years mirror the continued commitment of the community to the concept of neighborhood schools and the importance of providing the type of setting that enhances the educational opportunities of the children in Winnetka.






Our academic program is designed to meet the particular academic and social needs of relevant student age groups. The overall instructional method is child-centered to provide appropriate instruction for each child in a cooperative environment.

An overview of each year is provided below.


Senior Kindergarten

In Senior Kindergarten, we support each child’s individual learning style by creating an environment where children are encouraged to learn through exploration and play.

The children will be immersed in the following studies: Monarch butterflies, Native Americans, winter birds, the post office, penguins, and castles. Through these studies, the children acquire a love of learning, caring and positive friendships, self-confidence, risk-taking, independence, persistence, focus, and most importantly, the ability to express the knowledge they have gained in a variety of ways.


First Grade

First grade is a time of remarkable growth. Teaching of math, reading, and writing are thoughtfully integrated throughout the units of study. The first grade students will focus on the following studies: Beatrix Potter, the importance of farms, the Arctic, Martin Luther King, Jr., and hatching chicks.

By the end of the year, a more confident and independent learner emerges. Students have learned how to listen to each other, empathize with one another, problem solve, and build friendships.


Second Grade

Second grade is a year of exciting studies and skill building. Students continue to enhance their reading, writing, and math abilities as well as learn cursive, tell time, and understand currency.

The major studies are: community, old Winnetka, architecture, and economics. This is the year of the magical star lab experience, a highlight of the mythology and folk tales unit. The culmination of the Architecture and Economics studies integrates the two units, when the children form “kid companies” and design and build a store (an actual structure), manufacture products to “sell”, charge “tax”, pay “rent” and “salaries”, and sell “shares” in their business.   This memorable unit clearly demonstrates Progressive Education in action.


Third Grade

In third grade, the children learn about American History through reference books, online resources, historical literature, art, discussion, and field trips including the highlight of the third grade year, a day in the Pioneer Room at Crow Island School. All students are grouped into pioneer families and are assigned specific family roles. Students experience pioneer life by engaging in a virtual journey across America to settle in the West.  The child’s day in the Pioneer Room is one of the most memorable of all at Greeley.

Topics covered in third grade include: Native American culture, Columbus and the European explorers, colonial life, pioneer life, and Early Chicago.


Fourth Grade

The major themes of fourth grade are family histories, immigration, and Peoples of the United States.  Special activities include the creation of a family tree, a simulation of an Ellis Island experience, and a two-month research project at the end of the year on a topic of interest to the student. 

Greeley fourth grade math includes many hands-on projects requiring high-level thinking.  The science curriculum is rich and inquiry-based, with students practicing independent research skills culminating in the Great Brain project.  Students have consistently included this experience in their list of Greeley School favorites.

 One of the highlights of fourth grade is an overnight at the Snake Road Adventure Center, which is also a great way for dads to get involved. Students challenge themselves through team building, observation,

and personal reflection, and come home with a strong sense of self and their role as leaders of the school.


Academic Enrichment Units or “Specials”

Thoughtful, well-rounded students require attention to more than academic skills. Greeley School is proud of the rich opportunities it provides its students through the units we refer to as “specials.”

An explanation of each special is listed below.


Resource Center (Library and Computers)

The Greeley Resource Center strives to provide an extensive information resource to staff and students. Classes visit the Greeley library and computer lab regularly beginning in Kindergarten. The intensive library skills program aims to provide children with a solid understanding of how to use a library, locate and navigate non-fiction and reference books, and understand the different genres of fiction available. All children enjoy being read to, and the library staff strives to share a wide variety of books with all grade levels.

Greeley's teachers utilize technology in planning and carrying out their curricula across grade levels. Although teachers make use of the technological equipment available in the classrooms, students also visit the computer lab regularly to learn new software programs and complete projects that supplement the grade level's curriculum. The goal of the Greeley Resource Center is to support the learning that is taking place in the classrooms, and to expose staff and students to new information and technology available in the world.



Greeley School’s music program has a deep tradition of providing children with opportunities to develop an understanding and appreciation for music and its connection to our global community. The music curriculum pays tribute to master artists and composers, and honors every individual’s creativity and contribution within each classroom.

Lessons are packed with singing, dancing, playing instrument accompaniments, reading musical icons/notation, listening to and analyzing music, and improvising authentic melodic and rhythmical pieces. Explorations of pitch, rhythm, harmony, tone color, tempo, dynamics, and form are incorporated into lessons at each grade level.

In third and fourth grade, children also begin to take more ownership in our school’s annual winter and spring performances. Students collectively plan the theme and content of the concert, then each child signs up to assist with a specific portion of the performance. Fourth graders also begin to play the soprano recorder and are invited to join our school chorus.



Through the exploration of sculpture, painting, drawing, construction, and collage, Greeley School students acquire and demonstrate artistic skill in all elements of design. First grade children are very kinesthetic, deriving meaning from the use of all of their senses. Second grade children have more developed motor skills, while retaining the kinesthetic and fantasy quality of the first grader. It is in third grade that children begin to look outside their imagination and consider how to create what they “see”. Fourth graders, with extensive experience and skill, begin to use media as medium.

For all of our children, art is an opportunity to explore, make decisions and to artistically express what they know and who they are.

“You can teach children to read. You can teach children mathematics. But, it is only through the arts that you can teach children to see.” – Carleton Washburne







Kinetic Wellness (KW)

It is the philosophy of Greeley School to provide a comprehensive K-4 Kinetic Wellness program through developmentally-appropriate instruction and evaluation best serving the needs of the whole child. Much opportunity lies in our ability to address the growing health challenges that are facing children and youth. Greeley and District 36’s comprehensive curriculum offers experiences to enhance students’ minds and bodies in a safe and non-competitive atmosphere.

The curriculum includes movement exploration activities that address gross motor and manipulative skills. Students take part in team sports, individual and dual sports, gymnastics, dance, climbing, and playground activities. The exciting KW events for the school year are the Greeley Ghost Dance in October, and Field Day in June. Students in third and fourth grade may choose to participate in After-School Sports one afternoon per week.



Our first through fourth grade students attend Spanish class 90 minutes per week. 

We playfully practice and acquire core vocabulary and structures needed for communication.  This core language consists of high-frequency words in Spanish, as well as a wealth of cognates that are appropriate for young children, including animals, foods, and places.

In these early years of language acquisition, we accelerate our students’ ability to process Spanish by focusing on listening skills.  The core language is continually recycled in the scenes and stories we create, tell, read, and dramatize.  This ‘novel repetition’ is essential to acquisition and retention and is the best way to prepare students for speaking.  Students contribute story details and are invested in dramatic retelling using props, costumes and humor! 


Instructional Facilitators

At Greeley School we have three instructional facilitators who support our school. 


Our science facilitator mentors new teachers, provides science resources to all of the teachers, and works at the district level to develop new curriculum.  She also works with the teachers to help them implement the Next Generation Science Education Standards.


Our Literacy Facilitator supports teachers in implementing the new reading and writing resources being used across the district.  She models lessons, and co-teaches lessons in both reading and writing.  She also gathers books and resources for teachers and students and serves on the District’s Literacy Facilitators Committee.  She is the liaison between District level curriculum and our school. The Literacy Facilitator is a much-needed resource for our school as we adapt to the evolving learning standards in reading and writing.


Rounding out the Greeley School instructional facilitators is our Math Facilitator.  As described above, the role of the Facilitator is to inform teachers of major changes of curriculum, collaborate with teachers, develop new resources that support curriculum instruction, and work with teachers to differentiate instruction.


Pupil Service Team (PST)

Greeley School provides a full range of Special education services that are available through the Winnetka School District #36 Department of Student Services. If it appears that a child needs assistance through the Department of Student Services, parents will be contacted. Students may be referred by parents or teachers for the following services:

Social Worker

Resource Teachers

School Psychologist

Speech and Language Therapist


School Social Work

Strong community fosters socially and emotionally healthy children. Our social worker is trained to view the individual, family, and school as a system. Keeping up with the latest research and best practices, our licensed clinical social worker is also certified in school social work, and is trained to offer therapeutic counseling. Our social worker is capable of addressing a variety of issues ranging from the teaching of social skills, to coping with stress, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, divorce, and crisis intervention.


Resource Teachers

Greeley School’s outstanding special education teachers support all learners in the schoolhouse, paying close attention to those that need most support.  At times you will see these teachers in the general education classrooms co-teaching a lesson or working with students in the resource rooms as they work on specific learning goals.


School Psychologist

Our school psychologist assists teachers and students in assessment, teaching and learning.  Diagnostic evaluations help teachers and parents better understand the children’s learning strengths and weaknesses.  Together, we are able to develop a plan that ensures that children will learn and grow, reaching their full potential. 


Speech and Language Therapist

Our Speech/Language therapist supports students’ language and articulation development.  Students are tested in the areas of language and articulation.  Support services are developed and implemented when warranted.  Working with the teacher, child, and parents, the therapist is able to help a child overcome speech and language difficulties.





























School Programs & Events


Go-to-School Nights

We have one Go-to-School Night for the entire school. 

It is a great opportunity for parents to meet and become more familiar with their child’s classroom teacher, as he or she gives an overview of the way the class is set up and explains the curriculum specific to the grade.  You will also be able to meet your child’s Spanish, KW, Art, and Music teachers, and hear a bit about their curricula.  Our Pupil Services Team of Reading and Learning Specialists, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, and School Psychologist will also be on hand to meet you.

Go-to-School Night takes place Thursday, September 15th. Watch the Greeley Greetings for the specific time.


Monarch Butterfly Parade

Every year Greeley experiences a beautiful migration of Monarch butterflies. Because the Senior Kindergarten children have spent their time learning about the momentous journey of these delicate butterflies, the kindergarten class invites the entire school to view their migration as they quietly walk through the halls wearing their own painted wings. Whether this is your first migration or your last, it is an experience not to be missed. Parents, grandparents, and siblings are welcome to view this memorable event on the kindergarten playground as the children finish their flight and return to their classrooms.

This event takes place in Friday, September 30th . Watch the Greeley Greetings for the specific time.


Book Fair

A PTO/Resource Center collaboration, the Book Fair raises funds for the Resource Center.  There is a wide-ranging selection of titles for all young readers.

The Book Fair takes place in November. Watch the Greeley Greetings, PTO Blasts & www.greeley36pto.org for the date.


Ghost Walk

The annual Ghost Walk and the Ghost Dance that follows are a special tradition that celebrates Halloween at Greeley School. Children return from lunch in costume, ready for the Ghost Walk. Students who stay for lunch are given time to put on their costumes. Children and teachers parade through the school and out onto the playground, where they perform a dance that they have practiced during KW classes in the weeks leading up to the event. The Ghost Dancers are students in Grades 1 through 4. Afternoon kindergarteners are able to participate in the Ghost Walk by dressing up and watching the dance. Morning kindergarteners will have their own parade through Greeley School in the morning and are encouraged to attend the Ghost Walk, in costume if they like, to watch the dance with an adult.

This event takes place Friday, October 28, 2016. Watch the Greeley Greetings for specific times.


Winter and Spring Sings

Families are invited to attend both a winter and spring sing. The children spend a great deal of time preparing for these sings and each show is different. The sings take place in the auditorium, which is beautifully decorated with student artwork. Grandparents and siblings are welcome to join in this memorable family event. The Winter Sing is typically during the school day; the Spring Sing is an evening event.

For our Winter Sings, families are divided alphabetically, A-L and M-Z.

 The Spring Sings take place in May, in the evening.  The Spring Sings are divided by grade level.

Watch the Greeley Greetings for the dates.


Young Composers

In the second half of the year, children are given an opportunity to compose and perform an original piece of music at this event. Often the children will collaborate with other members of their class when creating a composition. This can be music that includes lyrics of their own creation or simply a musical piece - the only requirement is that it be original. Some children create a composition using a musical skill that they study outside of class, but for those who do not take private music lessons, any original composition is welcome and encouraged. Families are invited to this annual event.

Young Composers concerts take place in February and March.  Watch the Greeley Greetings for the dates.


Greeley’s Mascot

Election years are a perfect time for the children at Greeley School to learn about Democracy and the practice of voting. Every four years, as it coincides with the Presidential election, Greeley students have the opportunity to take part in an election to select the Greeley Mascot, who will serve for the next four years.  Last election year, Greeley students elected the Amur Leopard as our new school mascot. Students participate in every aspect of the election, selection of delegates, interviewing “candidates, debates, primary election, and voting day, closely mirroring the election process for the United States President. This year the School Mascot Voter Registration will be Thursday, September 22, the Primary Election will take place October 14 and the Final Election will be November 8.


Teacher Lunches

As a way of saying “thank you” to the teachers for all that they do, once a month the parents provide a luncheon for the teachers. One grade level participates each month as families bring in contributions for the luncheon. There are plenty of opportunities even for those who do not have spare time or confidence in their kitchen abilities; paper products, drinks, and decorations are always needed. Look for sign-ups for this special Greeley tradition during Go-to-School Nights.


Teacher Appreciation Week

In keeping with the National Teacher Appreciation Week, Greeley School celebrates our teachers for a full week each spring. Every day brings a new surprise for Greeley School’s teachers. A favorite day is when the children are invited to bring in flowers to brighten their teacher’s day. Every year, the halls are filled with early spring flowers, a lovely aroma, and kind thoughts. This year Greeley will celebrate Staff Appreciation Week May 1-5, 2017


Field Day

During the last week of school, the children celebrate the school year with Field Day. The students are divided into three teams with siblings always on the same team. The children in grades K through 4 spend a fun-filled day participating in age-appropriate outdoor events–running races, water balloon tosses, marble games, etc. 

This event takes place Friday, June 2, 2017. Watch the Greeley Greetings for the specific time.


PTO Family Evenings

The PTO hosts several evening events to which all Greeley School families are invited. We will have a Halloween party at the school at the end of October, plus Bingo Night and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Night later in the school year. All students need to be accompanied by a parent, when attending PTO Family Events.

Please watch the weekly Greeley Greetings, PTO e-blasts and the PTO website for the latest information about all Greeley programs and events.




Greeley School Policies & Additional Informatiom











School Hours                     Before 8:15 AM                  No supervision

                                                      8:25 AM – 8:37 AM          Doors Open

Grades 1-4                             8:37 AM                                   School Begins (Monday - Friday)

                                                      11:10 AM - 12:10 PM      Lunch (Monday)

                                                      11:25 AM -12:27 PM       Lunch (Tuesday - Friday)

                                                      2:45 PM                                   School Ends (Monday)

                                                      3:15 PM                                   School Ends (Tuesday – Friday)


Kindergarten                       8:37 AM – 11:10 AM       AM Student School Day (Monday)

                                                      8:37 AM – 11:25 AM       AM Student School Day (Tuesday – Friday)

                                                      12:10 PM – 2:45 PM        PM Student School Day (Monday)

                                                      12:27 PM – 3:15 PM        PM Student School Day (Tuesday – Friday)


All – Half Day                       11:25 AM                                School Half Day Ends

All – Last Day                       2:45 PM                                   Last Day of School Ends


All students will be welcomed into the building at 8:25 a.m. and instruction will begin at 8:37 a.m. After lunch, students are admitted to the building at 12:25 p.m.

Please do NOT send children to school early, as there is no supervision before 8:15 a.m.



If your child is to be absent from school for any reason, please call the School Nurse (847) 446-2638 or the school office (847) 446-6060) as early as possible. The absence will be relayed to your child’s teacher. There is an answering machine on the nurse’s phone to take messages before 8:30 AM and after 3:30 PM. Without this notification; someone from the school must call your home to find out why your child is absent. You should also notify the school if your child is not going to return to school after lunch.  If your child will be absent from school for an extended period, such as a vacation, please let the office know ahead of time.

When a child has a communicable disease such as strep throat or chicken pox, lice, whooping cough, etc., please let the nurse know as soon as possible so that a note may be sent to other students in your child’s class. Children with strep throat must be on their medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Children who have fever, diarrhea, or vomiting are required to remain at home until they are symptom-free for 24 consecutive hours. Children who have been tested for strep must be kept home until the test results are known. Also, if your child is home sick in the morning, it is prudent for him/her to remain at home in the afternoon.



We encourage you to schedule children’s appointments outside of school hours when possible. However, we understand that there will be times when you must take your child out during the school day. Please send a note to your child’s teacher and to Mrs. Jenner, letting us know what time your child will be picked up and when your child will return to school. A parent/guardian must come in to school to sign the child out.


Bicycles & Things with Wheels

Children in Grades Kindergarten – Second may ride bicycles and all other “wheels” to and from school with adult supervision. Children in Grades 3 and 4 may ride to school unsupervised. Please provide locks and helmets. Bikes must be walked on school grounds. Roller blades and razors must be carried on school grounds and should be neatly stored in cubbies during school hours. All bicycles should be registered with the Winnetka Police Department.



Bus Service

Bus service is provided on a fee basis and is offered via two bus routes. Parents should note that the children are not usually supervised, except by the driver, while they are on the bus. Guests may ride the bus with regular bus riders if both parents provide a note dated and signed by a parent. Regular riders need a dated and signed note for visits requiring a different bus or bus stop.  Children riding to school after lunch with a bus rider must get a bus pass in advance from Mrs. Jenner.  Students are dropped off and picked up on the Hawthorn side of the school.


Carpools and Autos

Drop off and pick up of students is permitted only in the 5-car cut out in front of Greeley on Fairview Ave. The staff parking lot should NEVER be used for drop off or pick up. Please pull into the cut out, and stop your vehicle as far forward as possible. Students should exit on the passenger side only. If your child is not waiting for you outside the front of the school as you enter the cut out, please exit the cut out area and circle around again. Fairview is one-way north during school hours. There is absolutely no parking on Fairview in front of the school.

Temporary parking permits may be obtained in the main office. These should be placed in your car on the driver’s side dashboard while you are in the building.  Or, a self-adhesive Greeley parking decal can be purchased for $1 in the main office. This decal should be affixed to the rear windshield of your car. These temporary parking permits are for the streets immediately around the school building as indicated by the street signs. Permits allow you to park in “permit parking” areas only. These permits DO NOT allow you to park in “no parking” areas. You must observe the local signs.

Please do not allow children to shortcut through the parking lot to the playground. Please do not block residential driveways or Greeley’s parking lot entrance and exit.

Drop off for Senior Kindergarten students is at the main Fairview/Hawthorn entrance. Parents may drop off their children and let them walk into the building by themselves. Parents, caregivers or siblings may pick up SK students on the kindergarten playground.


Cell Phones

Students may NOT use cell phones at school. Student cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks during school hours. Students may use their cell phones after school hours outside of the school building.

Cold Weather Gear

On days when there is snow, ALL children must wear hats, mittens or gloves, and boots. SK, 1st and 2nd graders must wear snow pants as well. We suggest that ALL students wear snow pants in snowy weather. It is also a good idea to have an extra set of clothes for the inevitable snowy, muddy, or wet days. Children should always be appropriately dressed for the weather, as they go outside every day, with the exception of extreme weather days.


Communication with Teachers

Parents are welcome and encouraged to communicate with their children’s teachers. There are several methods available to you. Teachers do not accept phone calls in their classrooms during school hours; however, you can leave a voice-mail message. Teachers check their messages before and after school and will return calls as soon as they are able, usually within 24 hours. You may prefer to use email to communicate with your child’s teacher; all email addresses are listed in the Greeley Directory and follow the firstnamelastname@winnetka36.org format. The office is happy to place messages in teacher mailboxes, and you are welcome to send a note with your child. We feel that good communication between the school and home is important. From 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. teachers are busy preparing for their day or are in meetings. Therefore, we ask that parents do not drop by without an appointment before 8:25 a.m.





Parent/Teacher conferences are typically scheduled two times per year in the fall and spring. Additional conferences may be requested at any time.


Extra Clothing

Please provide labeled extra indoor KW shoes and socks for your child. Also, please mark all sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, etc., with your child’s name. It is suggested that all children, especially those in the primary grades, keep an extra set of season appropriate clothing at school.


 Important “Don’t Miss” Parent Events

At Greeley School, we have many special traditions that we share with families. More detailed information on each of these events can be found on page 7 & 8. If you are unable to attend one of these events, please ask a grandparent, relative, family friend, or neighbor to come in your place. Your child will appreciate it!

Go-to-School Night

Senior Kindergarten Butterfly Migration

Ghost Walk

Book Fair

Winter Sings

Spring Sings


Leadership Committee

Greeley School’s fourth grade students have the chance to make a difference at our school by serving on the Leadership Council. The Leaders are committed to celebrating our Greeley values of Positive Attitude, Respect, Friendship, Empathy, Compassion, and Peace through special projects and Spirit Days.   In addition, our fourth grade leaders provide many opportunities for all students and their families to enhance the lives of others by sponsoring food drives, winter-wear drives, and book drives, for example. We expect that our families will choose the activities/causes that appeal to them and help out any way they are able. No one is expected to contribute to every activity.  Mrs. Powers facilitates these weekly lunch-time meetings, with the assistance of other faculty members.

Town Hall Meetings

Greeley’s Town Hall Meetings are an extension of the Leadership Council.  These monthly, school-wide meetings, facilitated by our 4th grade Leaders, are a forum for sharing ideas, suggestions, and creative suggestions for making Greeley a better place.


Lunch Program

Greeley School’s lunch program provides supervision for children during the lunch hour. Children bring their own lunch and have the option of purchasing 2% milk or orange juice.  In addition to signing up for regular days, your child may stay for lunch on a drop-in basis.   Students bring all utensils and related materials that they will need (i.e., spoons, forks, napkins, etc.) There is NO microwave available.

The PTO manages My Food Days, a program where lunches may be purchased in advance for your child, five days a week. The PTO distributes information regarding the My Food Days program through the PTO news blasts and the PTO website.

The lunch hour is divided into two periods with our first and second graders eating first, and our third and fourth graders eating second. In nice weather, all children will play on the playground when not in the lunchroom.

During inclement weather students have a choice of activities including a movie, quiet reading, games, arts and crafts, and gym time. 

We are aware of food allergies and have a special table set up for children who are unable to eat alongside their classmates.



Phone Calls to the Office

We are always happy to help with questions or concerns that parents bring to our attention. However, due to the nature of our busy days, we request that parents not call with play-date messages for their children. Please make play-date arrangements before school. Because the teachers request that parents not interrupt classes, it is best to plan your child’s day before he/she leaves for school and to communicate plans clearly to your child. If a message needs to be given to your child, we ask that you make every effort to deliver it yourself.


Play-Date/Pick-up Notes

Students in Senior Kindergarten and first grade are expected to take notes to their teachers when they have a change in after school pick-up procedures. If your child is having a play-date at someone’s house (even if the bus is not involved), BOTH parents must send notes to school. We do not require notes from both parents for children in grades two through four, however notes explaining changes in after school activities are encouraged and helpful. 

If a friend or relative is picking your child up from school, please send a note so that we know we may release your child to someone new. Children may be confused about their plans so we ONLY honor plans when we have a written note from the parent/guardian. The more we know at school, the less confusion there will be.



Your child is late to school if he/she arrives any time AFTER 8:37 a.m. in the morning or 12:27 p.m. in the afternoon. We request that you make EVERY effort to have your child arrive on time. This is a courtesy to both the teacher and other classmates.

Students who arrive at school late must check in with Mrs. Jenner. 


Visitor Sign-In

All visitors to Greeley School, including parents, nannies, and sitters, are required to stop in the front lobby, have their drivers’ license scanned, and wear a printed visitor’s badge while in the building.  Visitors are also required to exit via the front door where they will be signed out. 


Please check the weekly Greeley Greetings, PTO e-blasts and the Greeley PTO website greeley36pto.org  for the latest information about Greeley programs and events.



















Activities Affiliated with Greeley


After-School Sports   

An after school sports program is offered to 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls.  This is an optional, one-day-a-week, fee-based program coordinated by Greeley’s K.W. instructor.  Third graders have After School Sports on Tuesdays and fourth graders have it on Wednesdays. The hours are from 3:15 – 4:00 PM, and parents are responsible for transportation home.  For more information, please contact Julie Holmbeck at julieholmbeck@winnetka36.org.


On Deck/Before and After School Program    

Greeley participates in the Winnetka Before and After School Program.  This is a fee-based, not-for-profit program, housed at Crow Island School, that emphasizes recreation activities and a chance to relax and complete homework.  Hours are 7:00-8:25 AM and 3:15 – 6:15 PM every full day school is in session.  On Deck is not offered on half days or no school days.  Monday afternoon hours are from    2:45 – 6:15 PM.  Advance registration is required for regular attendees and drop-ins.  For further information, contact the Program voicemail at 847-604-1928.


Chess Wizards    

Chess Wizards offers classes specifically designed for all levels of chess ability.  Chess Wizards meets on Thursday afternoons in Greeley’s multi-purpose room.  Parents are responsible for transportation home.


Cub Scouts   

Cub Scouts are active at Greeley as Pack 20 for boys in grades 1 – 4.  Typically, dens of 6 – 9 scouts meet twice a month at the Den Mother’s house or at Greeley, except for one week of that month when they gather at Greeley as a Pack (all of the dens) in the evening with their parents.  For more information, please contact Tria Thomas at tria.thomas20@gmail.com.


Girl Scouts and Brownies   

 Girl Scouts and Brownies are active at Greeley.  There are generally monthly meetings that involve the girls in a wide variety of activities.  They participate in community service projects, and learn outdoor skills while earning badges in various areas.  For more information, please contact Sally Anderson at sally.h.anderson@gmail.com.


Strings Program    

The Strings Program is sponsored by the District.  It is a parent-participation program that offers violin, cello or viola during school hours to students in 1st through 4th grade.  In addition, students come together on Friday mornings at 7:50 AM to play together in the auditorium.  For more information, please contact Terese Parisoli at tereseparisoli@winnetka36.org.


Adventure Guides (Indian Princesses)     

These are father/daughter programs for girls in 1st through 4th grade and sponsored by the North Suburban YMCA of Northbrook.  At Greeley, each grade has its own circle that holds low-key, monthly or bi-monthly meetings.



Greeley fourth graders may participate in Chorus.  Chorus meets one day a week before school.  Students sing at the Winter and Spring Sings, the District wide chorus concert and may perform at other special events throughout the year.